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Does Koyorad sell radiators and condensers direct to the public?
Koyorad products are easily found through our vast network of Koyorad distributors.  Ask your local parts retailer for Koyorad radiators or condensers by name.  If you are having difficulty finding a Koyorad seller, call or email us for an authorized dealer nearest you.  Unfortunately we do not sell direct to the public.

Why should I choose Koyorad for my vehicle?
Koyorad offers our experience of 56 years in the heat exchange industry and is renowned for manufacturing products of highest quality, performance, and fit-and-finish.  Koyorad has earned this exceptional reputation through our company’s strict quality control measures. Initially, Koyorad was the leading manufacturer of OE Aftermarket radiators in Japan.  After over 10 years in the US, we now offer the same level of quality for US and Europe markets.  Koyorad radiators are manufactured to the stringent quality and performance tests required by the OE’s, holding Koyorad to a much higher standard.  This makes Koyorad the obvious choice for your vehicle for the best reliability.

Where are Koyorad radiators manufactured?
Koyorad manufactures four different types of radiators:

  1. OE Aftermarket Plastic Tanks/Aluminum Cores (most common)
    Design: Japan and China
    Manufacturing: Indonesia and China
  2. OE Aftermarket All Aluminum (Toyota Sienna, Lexus RX, etc)
    Design: Japan
    Manufactured: Indonesia or China
  3. OE Aftermarket Copper / Brass (select vehicles)
    Design: Japan
    Manufacturing: Indonesia
  4. Racing All Aluminum Radiators (select performance vehicles)
    Design: Japan and Indonesia
    Manufacturing: Japan and Indonesia

Koyorad’s R&D departments complete engineering diagrams for each new application.  These engineering drawings are then sent to our privately owned ISO-9001 certified factories.  Each Koyorad radiator is leak tested a total of three times at different stages of the production process before a final visual inspection.  Our attention to detail extends further to our rigid boxes, inlet/outlet/corner protection, assuring Koyorad product arrives safely to the end user.  Additionally, Koyo conducts “Koyorad Training Exchange” programs between our Japan, Indonesia, and China plants from 3 months to a year in the study of Japanese workmanship. This program further ensures the delivery of exceptional Japanese quality to the end user.

Koyorad actually owns its factories?  How does this benefit me?
Koyorad Japan maintains strict control over both R&D and production practices from raw material selection to the end product. We have NEVER outsourced our radiator production to any other manufacturers.

Will Koyorad Radiators fit my vehicle application?
Koyorad OE Aftermarket replacement radiators are application specific for simple, straightforward installation.  Each is designed to bolt directly to your factory OEM fan shrouds, and condensers.  Please see our Products section to see if we offer one for your vehicle.

I do not see the OE replacement radiator for my car on your website, what should I do?
We are always expanding our OE aftermarket radiator and condenser product line.  If you do not see your application, feel free to call or email and submit your request.

What coolant or antifreeze does Koyorad recommend?
It is important that the proper coolant is used with your Koyorad radiator.  Follow that exact coolant type/grade listed in your vehicle’s owners manual for the best performance and longevity of Koyorad products.
When a new Koyorad radiator is installed, we recommend a complete cooling system flush and fill with new coolant.  Neglecting a full cooling system flush or using the wrong coolant may result in corrosion, leaks, and premature wear and tear, not to mention other stresses on your engines cooling system.

For your OE Aftermarket (Plastic Tank and Aluminum Core) Radiators I have noticed Made in Indonesia and Made in China Koyorad parts. Is there a difference?
There is no quality difference between our Indonesia and China made parts.
Both produce the same OE equivalent quality parts that Koyorad is renowned for. Each factory is privately owned and managed by our Koyorad Japan headquarters to ensure that Koyorad's high quality standards are implemented in the production and testing processes.

Your competitors seem to sell the same parts at a lower price. Is there a reason Koyorad parts are priced higher?
Koyorad prides itself in having the reputation of producing the highest quality and most reliable parts within the cooling industry. While our competitors are known to cut costs by outsourcing radiator components to 3rd party companies, Koyorad is proud of keeping its vertically integrated production process and quality control fully in-house to ensure that all components, assembly, and testing meet our highest standards. Koyorad will never compromise on quality or reliability for the sake of selling parts at the lowest price.

What's Koyorad's warranty policy?
Please see our policy page located in the website footer.

I purchased a Koyorad item through an online vendor and it is damaged (or not a true Koyorad part). What should I do?
When purchasing Koyorad product be wary of online sellers.  We urge you to research the vendor to determine whether you are purchasing from a reliable source.   In the event that you experience a problem with your newly received Koyorad radiator or condenser you must contact the seller directly.  Feel free to contact us for authorized Koyorad OE aftermarket radiator and condenser distributor information.

Does Koyorad manufacture parts for European vehicles?
Koyorad has been offering OE Aftermarket radiators for European vehicles in Asian and European markets for over 20 years.   We have plans of expanding our European vehicle coverage for the US market very soon.

Where can I purchase Koyorad All Aluminum Racing Radiators?
Please visit the Koyorad Racing website.

What types of materials are used in Koyorad radiators?
Koyorad Quality begins with our selection of premium OE grade materials such as:  aluminum, copper, brass, and plastics.  Koyorad products are not only developed and tested to be resilient to harsh outside elements, but also years of under-hood heat cycling as well.

Can KOYORAD products be purchased at 1-800 & AC?
Yes, for more information visit

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